Book Club


1.     Planned activities of the Club are:

a.     Recommending good books (using the link http://meafsi.in/fsi/fsirm_list.asp . Search form therein allows to see if the book that you wish to recommend is already listed. If not, go ahead, and Add New books).

b.     Uploading book reviews (you can add review on any book, whether recommended by you or by others, on the list at http://meafsi.in/fsi/fsirm_list.asp with just one click. Your review, along with those of others would give a prospective reader very good idea about the book.)

c.      Organizing book review meetings in FSI wherein all interested can come and participate.

d.     Convening book readings at FSI from prominent authors.

e.     Any other idea emerging from members.

2.     All members registered on meafsi.in website are invited to actively participate in the FSI Book Club.