1.    Views / comments uploaded on this site by the trainees (via session papers / incremental memos / feedback / inputs etc) or on their behalf by the FSI (e.g. theses / monographs) are entirely those of the individual officers and do not in any way reflect the views or opinions of FSI or MEA.

2.    Permission is sought beforehand from speakers / guest faculty for relaying their lectures over webinar to Indian Embassies / Consulates / other GoI offices. Presentations / recordings of speakers / guest faculty are entirely their own and in no way reflect the views of FSI or MEA.

3.    Trainees are advised that as they upload any information / comments / views on the FSI website that they use only publicly available sources.

4.    The sole purpose of FSI web platform is to provide a vibrant discussion forum and help officers / officials develop / upgrade skills necessary to discharge their duties. The purpose of the FSI web platform is not dissemination of information.