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1  1. What is webinar?
1a. Is there any video intro?
1a1. Any detailed online help on webinar, how to join, how to participate?
1b. What does one have to do to join a webinar?
1c, I have already registered with webnair. However, I did not receive any password or link.
1d. Is there any FAQ / detailed help on webinar?

2. Can I test whether my system works? When?

2a. I have registered for the webinar but the webinar joining link that I received does not work.

2b. If I have technical difficulty in joining the webinar, can anyone help?

3. I don't have a microphone. Can I join?

4. Why in the middle of webinar do I get "Organizer having technical difficulties" message?

5. As the webinar is being hosted during day time in India, it is night time here due to time difference. Can we be excused? Or, can the webinar be organized during working hours here?

6. Do I have to join all the classes OR I can choose to attend only those that are needed by me?

7. Will there be any exam at the end of the webinar training?

8. Is there a step by step guide to join webinar? 
1. Webinar is an internet based seminar. Participants can see computer presentations on their respective computers through internet and hear the proceedings over speakers and also contribute using their microphones. Thus all one needs to join is an internet connected computer and headphones. Even if one does not have headphones, one can benefit listing over speakers and seeing presentations on their computer screen.

1a. Please see

1a1. Yes; please see

1b. There are two steps:

Step A: Register for Webinar (this can be done any time but well before the scheduled time of the webinar. Thus it can be done immediately too).

Step B: Once you register, you will receive a link which you would have to click when the webinar begins. First few minutes of the webinar are dedicated to trouble-shoot difficulties that joining members may have.

1c.If you don’t get, just reregister at the time of webinar (when it would be in session) and you would be able to join directly.

1d. Yes. Please visit

2. Yes. Towards this, the webinar is started one hour before the scheduled time to let all test their technical readiness by joining early. Those having difficulties can seek troubleshooting over skype from gv.srinivas2

2a. You may have to update java and restart your computer and retry.

2b. Yes. Help is available during test webinar period through skype id gv.srinivas2

3. Of course. However, you would only be able to listen on your speakers and not be able to make interventions.

4. Organizer of the webinar may face many problems, most importantly of internet connection,leading to disruptions. For its webinars, CGI tries to keep back-up internet options. However, should there be more difficulties than this, there may be hindrance in the webinars. Understanding of all those participating in webinars is appreciated.

5. Training in FSI is being brought to the reaches of our Missions and Posts so that there is uniform skills upgradation. Issues of time difference would need to be addressed by various offices. All are encouraged to join the webinars and plan their schedules accordingly. Thus, if someone in a Mission has to be awake during night time, his superiors may accommdate this by giving the official an off day either before or after the webinar.

6. Those in the Missions / Posts may choose the sessions that they wish to attend depending upon the skills / knowledge that they may already have.

7. Satisfactory completion of relevant training course is compulsory, upto director level, before one can go on posting. Training credits can be accumulated over a period of time. After every training capsule, typically of two days in a week, there is a test on the first working day the subsequent week from 0900-0930 Hrs IST. Test is narrative style and answer sheets are assessed by expert faculty. Pass marks are: 60 % for US level, 65% for DS level and 70% for Director level officers.

8. Yes. Please see 
2  A. What are the steps involved in signing up for a training course?

1 Is it necessary for all to online register and also sign-up (two separate steps) for the IMAS and other training courses which FSI is organizing?

2 Is it not sufficient that one just registers (mainly name, contacts, email etc)?

3. Why is sign-up necessary?

4. I am scheduled to go on posting abroad and am one of around 70 who await completion of IMAS training in Delhi. As IMAS training is mandatory for me before going to posting abroad, is it not automatic that I would be included? whether I sign up or not?

5. Will joining the webinar require separate registration?

6. Where is the link to join a webinar? 

-If first time visitor to FSI website, please register yourself ( Please use your named email ID (so that even after your move out of your current post / deployment, the profile remains valid)

Make sure to note down your login (which is your email address) and password (which is as filled by you while registering using

-Sign-up using your login credentials (email and password as entered by you at the time of registering your profile) and the sign-up link as provided for the relevant training module

-If an online participant, please join webinar (details are at the link

1. Yes.

2. No.

3. Because registration merely provides you login credentials; it is the sign-up for a particular course that lists you as participant in a particular course. Those who stopped at the first step of registration would be advised to go to the next step of signing-up for the course of their interest.

4. All wanting to join the IMAS training course should sign-up to help us with logistics.

5. Yes. Webinar is provided on an external platform which requires prior registration and logging in at the scheduled time that the webinar begins.

6. Please study and follow 
3  The training sessions at FSI are being conducted coinciding with the Indian time zone. How can a Mission/Post with a significant time difference participate in any online webcast / webinar of this?
Training sessions at FSI are being brought to the reach of the Missions / Posts through webinar considering the importance of some of the training courses like IMAS, IVFRT, trade promoation etc. To benefit, one would need to adjust one's schedule. Reporting officers are encouraged to give free day to ensure that the participant is not unduly tired at the time of the webinar. The logistics would be something similar to the protocol duty for which we see no hours. Advantage is that the webinar sessions can be joined from anywhere so long as one has internet connected computer and headphones (with micropohne. 
4  When is the training course for CRs (Commercial Representatives) being scheduled?  11 Apr 2014/ FSI is in the process of putting together this course and would announce as soon it is ready. 

1)I have registered successfully for the training. Kindly provide log in ID and Password.

2) You are requested to kindly provide the time schedule and the list of required items for webinar.

3) This training will be on the same Computer from where I have registered or it can be taken on personal Laptop.
1) Once you express interest for joining a webinar, ahead of every session, a link would sent to you allowing you to join the webinar from any internet connected computer that also has headphones (or at least speakers, though the latter would mean you won't be able to speak).

2). The entire schedule of the program that would be webcast over webinar would be announced closer the date of the program; please keep visiting website for updates.

3) You can join from any computer that has internet and is equipped with headphones. 
6  (Internal for FSI) How to organize webinar?   1. Check from webinar site [] if there is any registration from any of the Missions/Posts; even if there is one registration, we should relay the proceedings at FSI by webinar.

2. Start the corresponding webinar at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

3. Ensure:

-screen of the presenter (mostly FSI) is webcast
-learn how to make other attendees in the webinar presenters
-learn how to mute and unmute attendees
-During QnA/interactive rounds, generally in the beginning and in the end of a session, please make sure all those joining over webinar are invited to speak briefly immediately after those attending physically finish speaking.

- there should be a back up attendee (over laptop) in the FSI auditorium on different internet (to ensure if one net fails, other works)
- this back up attendee should be made oganizer
- if the main computer / its internet fails due to any reason, the backup becomes main. [this would need, inter alia, to be connected to the sound system of the auditorium. Note: Sound system of the auditorium has a separate back up power supply]

4. Study:

5. The program of the relevant training module (eg for IMAS) has the links to join webinar. Please make sure you create, at the end of a particular day, links for the subsequent day. Include the registration links for all such webinars at the online tool: 
7  MCTP2/place of stay/ Which accommodation in Delhi is being planned for by FSI for arranging stay of the Directors?  Not decided yet. This has not been decided. Depending upon the overall requirement (many of the directors may already have their houses in Delhi), FSI would decide. 
8  MCTP2/Leave / can I prefix / suffix leave?  Yes, such prefix / suffix would have to be arranged according to extant rules of temporary duty and with the approval of relevant authorities. 
9  Trade Module 19-23 May 2014/ Who can join?
2 What would be the benefit to the trainee?
3 I am yet to be posted, can I attend?
From MEA:
India's Commercial Representatives abroad (over webinar)
All in the MEA practicing / interested to practice trade diplomacy
Deputy Secretaries
Under Secretaries
Gr I of IFS(B)
Officer Trainees (IFS Probationers)
Section Officers

From other Ministries / Government Agencies:
Indian Trade Service Probationers (under cooperation with IIFT)
Resident Commissioners

Other stakeholders / Industry Organizations:
EPCs (Export Promotion Councils)
Apex Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI, CII, ASSOCHAM, etc)

-exposure to economic and commercial / trade diplomacy, basic skill set
-one week credit to DSs/USs/PPSs/SOs/PSs who need to undergo certain number of training as mandated by the MEA New Training Framework 2013(4w/6w/6w/6w respecttively). [Those DSs/USs/PPSs/SOs/PSs who undergo this training would thus have one week less of training left].

3. Yes. You can complete your training in anticipation of your posting / promotion. It is advisable that individual pursues his training plans more pro-actively. 
10  Trade Module 19-23 May 2014/ What is the importance of attending the training session?  Those joining at FSI with more than 90% attendance would receive a certificate of completion that would earn them one credit towards one week training [Please note that the MEA New Training Framework 2013 ( makes it mandatory for various purposes that all levels of officials undergo periodic training.

All including those joining over webinar from Missions / Posts would benefit from key-note addresses from experts as also ensuing discissions among all stake holders on various subjects related to India's Economic and Commercial diplomacy. 
11  PCFD Alumni/Why should I register on FSI website?  Foreign Service Institute wishes to remain engaged with its PCFD Alumni. The registration on FSI page would enable us share with you important events, publications. We would also like to hear from you any thing that you would wish to share with us or with other PCFD alumni. All this would be facilitated through this online platform. 
12  Trade Module 19-23 May 2014/ I can't join this now. Can I do this later?  Yes.

(a) US/DS as part of their MCTP Phase I need to have four week long training. This has been divided into following:

3 week-long compulsory modules in: Foreign Policy, Negotiation Skills/Public Speaking; Legislature/Judiciary

1 week-long modules from any of the other optional modules relevant and of interest to them; these would be floated in due course on such diverse subjects as protocol, Information Technology, CPV, IMAS, Culture, Media, Information etc.

(b) Fresh Inductees to Gr I o IFS(B) / PPS need to undergo 6 weeks of training divided into the following:

3 week-long compulsory modules in: Representational resposibilities; Foreign Policy, Negotiation Skills/Public Speaking.

2 week-long modules from any of the other optional modules relevant and of interest to them; these would be floated in due course on such diverse subjects as protocol, Information Technology, CPV, IMAS, Culture, Media, Information etc.

Language course in the next country of their posting (some mechanism would be put in place in due course to given the new inductees exposure to a foreign language).

(c) For Section Officers / PSs, traning would have to be 6 weeks divided into the following:

4 week-long compulsory modules in: Training with ISTM, protocol, CPV, IMAS

2 week-long modules from any of the other optional modules relevant and of interest to them; these would be floated in due course on such diverse subjects as working in MEA, protocol, Information Technology, Culture, Media, Information etc. 
13  MCTP2/ 1 The sanction order seems to imply that TG will book all tickets, is this right?

2 for the Delhi leg, can FSI provide accommodation?

3 also within Delhi, transport is at GOI cost, does this mean we can hire cars for the period like a regular TD?

Ministry will arrange pool vehicle for trainees (to and fro Delhi airport? what about in Boston?- Taxi?).
1. No.

Officers posted abroad would have to make their own bookings as per the sanction.

As to directors posted in Delhi, they would have to get their bookings done though with the help of TG.

2 Yes.

3. Transport for training legs (from place of stay till FSI, thereafter till final departure from FSI to place/s of stay) would be arranged by the FSI.

The airport to place of stay and return (place of stay to airport) would though have to be by the respective officers as per applicable rules of TD.

Taxis at Boston from / to airport would have to be arranged by the individuals and claimed in their TA bills. 
15  Protocol Training Module  This module has been organized to cater to the requirements of officials both in the MEA and other offices (e.g. State Protocol, Rajya Sabha Protocol).

For FAQs on webinar, please enter webinar in the search field above.

For program, relevance of training module please see the link: 
16  MEA Overview training module / who can join?

2 Who would particularly benefit

3 How would one advance mandatory training needs? 
Anyone from MEA / Missions / Posts interested in the module

Participants can be from:
Indian Missions / Posts abroad (over webinar)

Gr I of IFS B / PPS
SOs,/ PSs / Interpreters
Assistants / PAs
UDCs / stenos

3 please copy, paste and open the following link in your browser for further details:
17  100mbps

1. Why is it necessary to fill in port details at ?

2. Why can't I set my own IP address as I have been doing so far?

3. What is mac address?

4. How to find my mac address?

5. How can I format my IP address onto my computer? 
1. To be assigned an exclusive IP address.

2. From now on, IP address, Mac address, and port would be mapped and any change would lock one out of connectivity.

3. Please study

4. Get into command mode by clicking on Run; just type
Physical address is MAC address.

5.To format the 100 MBPS connection on your computer, please do the following:
-right click on the network connection icon on the bottom right side on the screen to open the dialogue window of NETWORK SHARING CENTRE (You may also open this window via control panel)
-On the icon (on left listing) reading CHANGE ADAPTER SETTINGS, please left click
-the resulting window would have icons pertaining to various internet connection options including the one for LAN network (that would show once you plug in the 100 MBPs line into your computer)
-on the LAN network icon, right click > properties
-select internet protocol version / ipv4 , double click and set the IP addresses manually as below, in the following order:
Where AAA.NNN is as given in your IP address record at

Thus if your ip address record reads 137.12; please use 137 for AAA and 12 for NNN.

• AAA is your IP block [This could be 136 or 137 depending upon assignment to you]
• NNN is the number assigned to you and can range from 1, 2, ...254 [Please keep your NNN with yourself and don't share. Please don't use any other NNN.] 
18  CPV training module / who can join?

2 Who would particularly benefit

3 How would one advance mandatory training needs? 
Anyone from MEA / Missions / Posts interested in the module

Participants can join either physically at FSI or over webinar

Gr I of IFS B / PPS
SOs,/ PSs / Interpreters
Assistants / PAs
UDCs / stenos

3 please copy, paste and open the following link in your browser for more precise relevance to your particular rank: 
19  1 OP (Office Procedure) training module / who can join?

1b. Is it necessary to come to FSI?

2 What ranks would particularly benefit? 
1 Anyone from

1b. No. Participants can also join over webinar (need microphone and internet connected computer).

SOs,/ PSs / Interpreters
Assistants / PAs
UDCs / stenos
20  1 Local Staff training Capsule / who can join?

1b. Is it necessary to come to FSI?

2 What ranks would particularly benefit? 
1 Anyone from

1b. No. Participants can also join over webinar (need microphone and internet connected computer).

HoCs / Attache Administration
Local Staff
MTS (Multi Tasking Staff) 

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